Let’s talk about your brand.

Be irresistible.

One day my family and I decided to walk to lunch. We set out for a recently-opened eatery called The Hotdog Emporium. Our hopes were high! We imagined options upon options of hotdog-centric delights. Bratwurst, bacon-wrapped, chili cheese dogs, corn dogs, Chicago dogs, Sonoran dogs, kosher dogs. Polish sausage, perhaps. But what did we get? Two options. Two. This was no large-scale frankfurter enterprise. This was total brand disappointment.

Don’t be like The Hotdog Emporium. 

Have you ever had an experience with a brand that was a total turn-off? 

Land your brand a place in the sun.

“Megan Clark is the ideal partner for strategic marketing and communication projects. Not only does she excel in brand development and in conceptualizing, designing, and producing marketing materials, she brings uncommonly strong soft skills – excelling at problem-solving, communication, adaptability, critical thinking, time management, interpersonal connection, and teamwork. I have worked with Megan now at three institutions and all find working with her a pleasure and a joy.”

Tamara Cissna
Oregon State University / Corvallis, OR