A lot of amazing businesses have not-so-amazing branding.
My mission is to align your brand with your business to make it irresistible.​​​​​

Have you ever had an experience with a brand that was a total turn-off? 
One day my family and I decided to walk to lunch. We set out for a recently-opened eatery called The Hotdog Emporium. Our hopes were high! We imagined options upon options of hotdog-centric delights. Bratwurst, bacon-wrapped, chili cheese dogs, corn dogs, Chicago dogs, Sonoran dogs, kosher dogs. Polish sausage, perhaps. But what did we get? Two options. Two. This was no large-scale frankfurter enterprise. This was total brand disappointment.
Don’t be like The Hotdog Emporium. Be irresistible.
​​​​​​​Applying my print design training, background in advertising, and many years of experience as a studio owner, I produce thoughtful brand solutions for businesses that value aesthetics. 
    •    Logo Development 
    •    Logo Redesign
    •    Corporate Stationery
    •    Creative Direction + Consultation 
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